Teh Site

by Jemilla on 6th Jun 2013, 8:22 AM

I plan on making this place less ugly when I have time/can be bothered.

- Jemillionaire

New website for aRtists?

by Jemilla on 12th Mar 2013, 4:08 AM

Last night while i was sleeping i had a dream that i was using
this awesome website. The closest I can think to describe it right now
is a sort of hybrid between deviant art, newgrounds and blogspot?
But also completely different with well customizable settings and appearance
and shit for your pages. I wont say much but i woke up and lost at least
an hour sleep writing a bunch of details and junk in my diary about it.
If anyone knows how to go about creating something like this you should hit me up. is still in early alpha so i havent set up
blog comments or a contact page yet but if you wanna converse or
whatever you can sling me an email or holler on the twitters or bookface.
Magical website creation is not a required topic of conversation.

Jemillacook (at)
Twitter & IG: @jemillacook

Beep boop bloop bleep boop beep boop.


Updates and Shet

by Jemilla on 30th Jan 2013, 10:44 PM

This here comic shall be updating at least once a week... I think.

I was going to set a certain day but I don't want to wait to upload if it's already done so it'll
maybe just be whenever for now. I don't even know man. This is my first comic/anything and
I don't really know what the balls I'm doing but it's happening.

The page I'm currently working on has been delayed because we got hella wind and rain
here in Australia Land and we lost electricity for like 4 days so I spent that time doing other
shit like trying to find stuff in the dark and washing myself with a small pot of cold water.
It was great.

From the peach makaveli.